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Cie Marcel and his « special » girls

"Miss Dolly"

We are talking in this case of a brand-new company as this is actually their first show. This quartet made up of people from Normandy, Gers and Catalonia met at the Ecole Nationale des Arts (National School of Arts) in Rosny-sous-Bois and carried on their training at the Centre National des Arts du Cirque (National Circus Training Centre). After completing their studies in 2013, the four artists set up a company called Marcel et ses Drôles de Femmes in Rouen and their first creation is entitled “Miss Dolly”. You can’t get bored with them: apples, humour, acrobatics,  nonsense, hot air, a dated love story and that of a lost horse…



Originating from La Louvière and created in 2010, Compagnie TaKaPa is a young and dynamical circus company dealing with the art of circus and art of the street. It aims at being contemporary, reshuffles its shows continuously and is wonderful as well for the grown-ups as for the young ones. Through their original creations, multitalented artists coming from many various backgrounds will make you travel in magical universes. They will perform their “Ignis Nomades”, a pyrotechnical show in which three nomads will lead you to the discovery of fire. This highly colourful creation mixes various techniques and effects based on fire and items of fireworks.  Burning whip, fire dust, fire rain, watering bucket spilling fire, fire eater, flame thrower, all this will be on show. This will be a complete change compared to traditional fire jugglery!

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