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Black Paws

This recent duo made up of Antoni Garzon Joli and Valentine Brognion was set up in  2013 although they were “worlds apart”, i.e. there were continents and oceans between them as these two artists come from Belgium and Australia!  This long-distance musical relationship was the starting element of this soft indie-folk music. Largely influenced by Of Monsters And Men, Daughter, Angus & Julia Stone, the two young music lovers will come and unveil their first melodious and melancholic songs on the Août en Eclats’s stage.  

Summer Rebellion

This French-Canadian duo made up of singer David Koczj and melodist Arthur Bacon will aim at setting Août en Eclats’s small stage on fire. Inspired by rock and slightly electro-pop tinted blues, their “Strength and Beauty” album is a real success for these two artists who made up their mind to settle down in Brussels to come and make a living from their passion for music. David’s powerful texts and carvernous voice coupled with Arthur’s polished melodies can only be a regal to our ears in this coming Soignies Festival.

Onda Vaga

This alternative rock band from Argentina which was set up in 2007 is a mixture of rumba, reggae, even tango. They have produced three albums so far, the latest one being called “Elemental Magma” released in 2013. They have shared the stage with internationally reputed artists such as Manu Chao, REM, and their first LP called “Fuerte y caliente” was acknowledged by the Rolling Stones magazine as being in the top 50 in year 2008. Simple but meaningful lyrics and music, inclined to make you dream, the harmony arrangements of the songs and the obvious intention to relax playing live this mixture of joyful rumba-cumbia-reggae-folk-rock allow them to reach an ever increasing public today.


Ulysse, this trio from Brussels, will round up its season at Août en Eclats after being on all the Belgian summer stages: Les Ardentes, Dour, Les Francofolies in Spa, the Ronquières Festival and the Brussels Summer Festival. They will then set off for the Fly Away Festival in Corsica. With this deep and spellbinding voice, his hypnotizing and dancing beats and synthetizer sounds, Ulysse is one of these promising Belgian artists to be discovered. Having been previously awarded an Octave de la Musique in the electronic music category he will unleash his positive energy and his catchy electro-pop melodies on Août en Eclats’s small stage.

Che Sudaka

Created in 2002 in Barcelona, Che Sudaka is a well coloured musical mixing between Argentina and Colombia. Argentinian brothers Leo and Kachafaz and their Colombian friends Cheko and Jota mix cumbia, ska and funk to the south-American folk music to offer you a boisterous evening! Inspired by legendary bands such as The Clash, Mano Negra or again the Falusosos Cadillacs, Che Sudaka have already done many festivals all over the world (more than 40 countries to their credit).

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