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Amicale de la Nouvelle Orléans

They have never been there but still New-Orleans is an inspiration for them, its energetic and dancing music flows naturally in the band’s veins. Bottle-fed with jazz and with Jelly Roll Morton, Sidney Bechet, King Oliver, Louis Armstrong and the like, the Amicale’s seven musicians started their venture in Brussels in 2012 and since then, their brass band has been swinging and will have you pass from frenzy to romanticism via all sorts of emotions. Thanks to humour and vivid interactions with the audience, the Amicale will start the Août en Eclats event at 11.00 am in the Garden.


Rediscover the greasy pole with Sophie Bosman! No, this is no merry-go-round with flying chairs although it looks like it. In lieu of the prizes hung up to the traditional pole, one will find hanging chairs. No climbing is planned but creativity will be required to dress them up! The customized chairs will then be winched up again and will fill the heart of this Festival with colours all day long. “Cocagne” is a work by Sophie Bosman, an architect and student in sculpture at the Brussels Académie des Beaux-Arts. Her structure could be set up following a call for projects from the Maison Culturelle in Ath based on the theme of “Encounter”.

Is a wooden chair lying about at your home ? Bring it over from 12.00 on to  Août en Eclats’s garden and add your personal touch to this out-of-the-ordinary merry-go-round.

Southern Cajun

Born in 2015, Southern Cajun is the symbiosis of two musicians, one American and one French, and two musical worlds, blues and metal. The whole is carried away by an unconditional love for music and the guitar. As the name of the band suggests, Southern Cajun is inspired by the French-American “Cajun” culture from the United States and on stage delivers songs ranging from blues to classic and folk rock.

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