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Circus Krak

"Viva Victor"

This Flemish duo has decided to come back performing in Belgium and this makes us very happy indeed. Circus Krak was created in 2008 and is made up of Els Degryse and Dieter Missiaen. Their first show proved a real cracker, as their tours as far as Asia and Latin America testifiy. Year after year, playing the fool has proved to be more and more the favourite way of performing and they propose non-speaking but very visual and humoristic productions.

“Viva Victor” is a charming and funny non-speaking show wrapped in visual and absurd humour, adorned with interactions with the audience, the whole thing taking place around a caravan (or in front, on, inside…)

Cie Circolabile

"O comme... cacahuète"

Coming from the Compagnie Circolabile, Andrea Menozzi, aka Stopino (tuft or lock of hair in Italian), comes to Soignies. In order to entertain us and make us laugh, he proposes “O comme dans cacahuète” (literally “O as in peanut”). Actor, clown, juggler and mime, this Italian artist only requires the basic necessities on stage, that is to say his own body only, to entertain the audience. Everything is visual and gestural with him. No words are needed to understand his world. The major part of the show is played as an improvisation following the audience’s reactions or lack of it. The outcome is absolutely hilarious, of course.

Cie RasOterrA

"La baleine volante"

What about walking on your head ? How about pedaling with your legs pointing upwards ? “La Baleine Volante” provides you with the opportunity to tease and break the norms. With the RasOterrA Company, only the unexpected is to be expected. Launched on an acrobatics bicycle in the middle of a 10-metre wide circular track very close to the audience, the trio of actors makes light of codes, bodies and gravity, succeeding in giving wings to whales and doubling their volume without putting on weight. Will you succumb to “balenisme” (whalism), the art of nonsense, nonconformism and above all fantasy ? In this case, Famiano Fumagali and Alice Roma’s intense physical and creative work is complemented by Claire Ruiz. This trio, Companie RasOTerrA, flies off a bit higher each time, hand in hand as well as on a bicycle.

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