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Keep Yourself Alive

Keep Yourself Alive is a young pop-rock band from Braine-le-Comte. Created in 2012, it is made up of Youri Delmoitiez (vocals, bass), Douglas Lebrun (guitar, bass), Christophe Blachère  (guitar, back vocals) and Tom Moury (drums, percussions). The band, although inspired by various and numerous sources, say they are mainly influenced by British rock of the seventies (Queen, Bowie, Lennon, …) 


Grandgeorge, who performs with both his guitar and his voice, will introduce us to his very first solo album (entitled “So Logical”, released in January 2016) on the Août en Eclats’s big stage. This Belgian artist, composer and singer has already shown us several times all his potential on stage. Variously influenced by Sting, Paul Simon, Jeff Buckley or Nina Simone, this jazz buff will surely bring you good mood and energy. Grandgeorge will undoubtedly be a strong point of this year’s Août en Eclats.


Sharko is a Belgian pop/rock band who border on the surrealistic and sound close to Flaming Lips and Beck. Their music is sometimes classified as surrealistic pop or pre-pop in view of its unprepared aspect. The band has often proposed an energetic as well as burlesque show on stage developed on a wide spectrum: along the grammar rules set up by Police and Pixies, the romantic way of phrasing and the pun-coloured vocabulary of the troubadours. The band has always stayed close to the dynamics of the trio made up of David Bartholomé (vocals and bass), Teuk Henri (guitar) and Laurens Smagghe (drums and samples). Songs called "Excellent" and "I Need Someone" have met a new audience thanks to French singer Julien Doré who covers these songs during his own concerts. Sharko won two Octaves de la Musique Awards in 2007 (best Belgian rock album and rock band of the year). Back after a seven-year spell, Sharko will present his new album entitled “Don’t have to worry” which has already been unanimously praised by the press.  

Nicola Testa

This young Brussels artist has not been long in making a name for himself on the electro/pop scene, supporting Christine and the Queens at the Orangerie of the Botanique. He has succeeded in finding his own place in the artistic world and creating his first album “No more rainbows” the inspiration of which is to be found in the 80’s melodies by the Pet Shop Boys or Depeche Mode and a visual side with an Oscar and the Wolf touch. Nicola Testa will be on tour all year round for his new album and he will be particularly be busy touring this spring. It will be a great pleasure to welcome Nicola Testa to the Août en Eclats Festival this summer.

Rachid Taha

Rachid Taha, pioneer and king of « rock’n’ raï », is back among us with his 9th solo LP ”Zoom”. Rachid’s long career as a “musical sniper” started 30 years ago with the band “Carte de Séjour” and he is still as lyrical and sharp as well as more rock and crazier than ever. He will be present at Août en Eclats to make us discover his latest album which is as always rock and raï, mixed with that little bit of folk and electro.

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