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Cie Albedo

"Les Tony's"

This street theatre company has existed since 1994 and plays his various creations in the whole world. The company launched its new show with ambulatory marionettes, the Tony’s, in 2007 following the success of its “Les Bigbrozeurs” show back in 1997. “Les Tony’s” is a big success and Albedo will therefore start a 150-date tour in twenty countries. In a very humouristic show, Tony and Tony are on a mission the goal of which is to make a town safe for its inhabitants. There is Albedo’s idea for a show and its strength: he inserts his theatre play in the real world and in everyday life.   


« La BIM déboule » (the BIM is “shooting out”) is a deambulatory marionettes show accessible to all audiences. This Belgian-Spanish-French explosive group offers this “La BIM déboule” show as a show open to the world not necessarily requiring a verbal contact and the goal of which is to favour curiosity, encounters, contacts and love with the audience.

In collaboration with « Les Manies »

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